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 The Boca Grande Art Alliance
Reception and Fall Art Show

This event was held at the Art Alliance Building 
at 236 Banyon Street in Boca Grande Florida on Friday, 
November 23, 2007.   I was invited by local artist Deborah Cooper to come and take some pictures.  I didn't have time to visit with all the artists, but will try to promote those that I did get to meet.  They are listed here in the approximate order that I met them.  The Fall Art Show will run until December 1.  For more information you can visit their website at

Enjoy :)



 Boca Grande Artist  -  Cecilia Jonsson-Bisset  -  (941) 964-2590

 Palm Island Artist  - Deborah Dawn Cooper 
(941) 697-9311
pictures of Palm Island Florida

Boca Grande Artist  -  Julie Noel  -  (941) 964-0715

Boca Grande Artist - Gracia Alzamora

Boca Grande Artist  -  Marcellyn Diaz  -  (941) 964-0174

Boca Grande Artist  -  Midge Calahan  -  (941) 964-2356

Executive Director of the Boca Grande Art Alliance 
Linda Fudala-Tucker  -  -  (941) 964-1700

Boca Grande Artist  -  Patti Middleton  -  (941) 296-4141


Grove City Artist  -  Stuart Hoeckel  -

Looks like a Fish Story to me :)

Boca Grande Artist  -  Jane Carlson  -  (941) 964-2321

Boca Grande Artist  -  John Niles  -  (941) 964-0142

Boca Grande Artist   -   Susan Shaffer -

Hope everyone had a great time 
at the Boca Grande Art Alliance

To view more pictures from this event
just follow the page links below

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